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Traditional Recruitment Model

The most traditional recruitment model designed to provide simple flexibility in payment models through a no cure no fee approach to recruitment. This is a 0% risk to you. Should you be interested in understanding how we can help on a contingent basis please get in touch.

As specialists in AI & Data Science we aim to provide our customers with access to the top 5% of candidates globally. With a Candidate Delivery team at our core we work day in day out, utilising the latest online and AI tools to engage with the passive market and ensure that our customers have access to the most interesting candidates, not just those that are applying for new roles at that moment.

With demand so high for these types of specialists then its important for our customers that we are able to position their business as the company of choice. Working with a specialist allows them to achieve this with a far wider cross-section of the market.



Oxygen Digital in-house model

The In-House model has been designed with SME's in mind. RPO's have historically been designed to support large-scale growth in Fortune 500 companies but we believe that this model should be available for all.

Our in-House model allows you to effectively have your own internal recruitment function. This is dedicated to supporting growth of the business, understanding company culture, keep all stakeholders updated, provide one point of contact for all growth-related matters, free up your HR teams time and give a focus that contingent recruitment can never provide.

We offer this with a very low fixed fee and discounted fees per placement. On average we have been able to provide approximately 30% cost savings to our customers and have supported wholesale growth without long lasting employee costs following on. We are able to take control of all areas of growth from Technology, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product & Finance and on average have shown a cost reduction of 20% compared to our client’s standard route to market.

Compared to our traditional HR driven model of recruitment then working with Oxygen Digital’s in-house team has been incredible. They really were an extension of our business with Insight.tv email address and regular presence in the office. This meant they really got to know our culture and people and were then able to find some incredible candidates for us to grow our business with. My advice to anyone in a similar position to work closely with the Oxygen Digital team as they will bring efficiency, quality and substantial cost savings to your business.
— CEO of Insight TV, Amsterdam